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People who have quit smoking

IQuitting today could be the best choice  you've ever made.

No Nicotine Substitutes, No Medications, No Gimmicks. 

The Ready to Quit Smoking Program not only helps you quit, 

  but gives you a renewed sense of Health and Well-Being.



Completely Natural

Some functions in the body such as heart rate, blood pressure, stress responses and addictive cravings, occur automatically, outside of conscious control. Biofeedback is a method of naturally making those “involuntary" processes something

you can control.

The ONDAMED is a very effective Biofeedback System which via gentle electromagnetic impulse frequencies, teaches the body, both, how to rid itself of addictive signaling patterns and how to gain control over stress-induced cravings.



The ONDAMED has been used in Smoking Cessation Clinics around the world with remarkable results. In Denmark alone, there are many clinics using this technology and thousands of smokers have been able to quit with an over 90% success rate.


PEMF- Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields- which is the technology that ONDAMED uses- has been scientificaly studied by NASA and scientists across the globe for many years and has been used in various ways to help many health conditons. The ONDAMED is an FDA approved Class II biofeedback device.


Fast Results

You can expect your cravings to be reduced quickly! Thousands of people have lost their addictive cravings for cigarettes after just 1 to 3 treatment sessions. Each session isapproximately 45 minutes and is done with the doctor

or with an Ondamed trained therapist

in a comfortable environment.

Time goes by fast because the sessions are painless, relaxing, and educational.

"I had been a pack a day smoker for around 30 years. And I am now smoke free. I tried patches, gum, and even went so far as having a laser treatment, none of which were successful. Nothing worked until I had a session with Dr. Zablozki-Amir..."   Stephanie C.I
Dr. Ilana Zablozki-Amir, MD

Meet the Doctor

Ilana Zablozki-Amir, MD

Dr. Zablozki-Amir is a board certified specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine, Holistic-Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine. Her passion as a physician is to help people heal and stay healthy through the safest, most natural and effective ways possible. Dr. Z has made a commitment to creating the Ready to Quit Smoking program, knowing that she is able, not only to help as many people as she can to quit, but also to thrive. You can read more about her at



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